The Pomegranate Seeds – Follow up activities

This week’s story is The Pomegranate Seeds, or to give it the none child friendly but original title, The Abduction of Persephone. I chose to include this story because, as with the other classic Greek tales we tell, children will study it at school so in doing it at Story Storks we’re helping to give them a head start. They may not necessarily remember the story word for word by the time they come to study it in school but they’ll certainly be familiar and pick it up quicker than those who are hearing it for the first time.

As with all my stories, I try to find the original translations and work from them. With the Greek classics there have been many a scholar so there’s plenty of help in putting these together. Of all the stories, the process of putting together the Greek Classics is my favourite. When I’m old and retired I think a classics degree might be on the cards.

I do use modern texts too where appropriate. In the case of this story for example I came across a completely inappropriate text – an erotic novel called The Seduction of Persephone! I have a kindle – I can get away with reading such titles in bed without my husband knowing! Actually he figures it out as I start flicking through the sex scenes to get back to the plot!! Although not a work of literary genius the erotic novel portrayed the characters from the underworld pretty accurately, all be it in the nude. If you liked 50 shades of grey you’d probably like this – it’s by Selina Kitt.

But back to activities for children!

This weeks story is a good opportunity to look at the number 6. Going on a number hunt is a great way to do that. Walk up and down your street looking for the number 6 or look through a paper or magazine.

It’s also a good springboard to talk about the seasons, in particular autumn as that’s coming up next. Go to the local park and collect some leaves – stick them on a picture at home. Take a photo of the picture just incase the leaves go brown. Do the same in a month when the leaves are starting to change – compare and contrast.

If you have other ideas or examples of how you’ve followed up the story then please leave a comment or let me know and I’ll share it.


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