I still love you Ella

Who are these people in Glasgow who have had a pop at Ella’s kitchen? Let me go and shake them. I use Ella’s pouches not for what’s in them but for what’s not in them! Also they’re mega convenient and less likely to leak. Any woman who’s had a baby food leak in their bag will understand exactly what I’m saying there!

That said I’ve never used Heinz because they contain sugar. Having food allergies myself I’m accustomed to reading food labels so it was only natural to do this when I started buying convenience food for the sproglet. I was shocked that Heinz puts sugar in baby food. Why would you do that? Surely it’s cheaper not to! They’ll argue that it’s all there on the label for everyone to see but who the hell reads food labels except for freakazoids with food allergies!

If the government is serious about taking on obesity then baby food is a good place to start. Educating mums to help them make better choices for their kids is the only way to reduce childhood obesity. They also need to be realistic. This once again feels like the breast feeding organic police are beating the ‘you’re a bad mother drum.’ I’ve switched off already. Give me some real world advice like “Home cooked food is the best but a pouch every now and then isn’t going to hurt. Here are a load of free recipes with easy instructions on how to make baby food which don’t involve lentils or a mouli!”


4 thoughts on “I still love you Ella

  1. Ellas still dont tell us the full story though. Their mixture ones of fruit and veg are really sweet (i tried some as they were my LOs favourites) and on all of them they ae almost all fruit! So when you think you are giving your baby a dinner; its just another sweet thing. I want foods i give my baby to be healthy and contain a good amount of what they say on the front; not just more and more apple. 😦 so even with Ellas you need to read labels

    1. Hi Alice. Thanks for your comment. Can I ask where you’re getting your information from? I’ve had a look on their website which provides the percentage breakdowns of what’s in the pouches and yes, they have fruit in, but not as high as your comment would imply. It seems you feel misled though so what would you have them do differently?

      1. If you turn the pouch over it says so on the back with ingredients: broccoli pears and peas is 80% pear! But the name suggests it would either be equal or more broccoli.

  2. So you’d have them rename the product? Maybe pears, broccoli and peas? Then all the people who don’t want to be giving their children too much pear will know to avoid it?! Ella’s aren’t perfect. None of them are. The best thing for your baby is home cooked food. But they are a very big step in the right direction and the big shareholder owned food companies have a lot to learn from them – except perhaps what to call their products! Looking at the bigger picture we see companies such as Ella’s are to be applauded. If obesity is ever going to be tackled then convenience food needs to be healthy. Ella’s have taken a big step towards that. Heinz haven’t. Too much pear won’t harm a child – too much sugar will. That said your kids are obviously very lucky to have you as a mum. You obviously care passionately about what they eat and that is to be applauded too. I’d wish you luck but you don’t need it!!!!!! PS if you sign up on Ella’s website they send you money off vouchers!!!!!

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