The Three Little Pigs – Follow Up Activities

The three little pigs is one of my favourites as we spend so much time up on our feet.  There are lots of ways you can follow up this story.


Google three little pigs colouring pages and you’ll get lots and lots of options!

My daughter and I love acting out the wolf knocking at the door and blowing it down.  Great for the ACTORS literally use an internal door and one of you pretends to be the wolf.  You’ll have to repeat the words lot’s of times and it will take little one a while to get it but you’ll have a good giggle along the way.  For the really little ones you may need two adults – one either side of the door!  The words again just incase you’ve forgotten….

“Little pig little pig let me come in.”

“Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin I will not let you in.”

“Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.”

You can follow up with a game of what’s the time Mr Wolf!


There are some really good story apps for the three little pigs.  We like the zubadoo version as it’s a calm voice, it’s to the point and it’s the original story (i.e. the wolf cops it!!!)


As an arts project take a basket and go to the park for stick hunting.  Get a few good ones and then paint them at home or stick them onto a picture of a house.  If you’re really clever you can make a 3D house out of them.  I’m not that clever!


This story lends itself to looking at the number 3.  Can your little one draw the number 3?  Go on a number hunt – see if you can find the number 3 on the doors in the street etc.


Finally, read the book!


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