Miley Cyrus – my child’s role model?

I’m a bit of a feminist. I want to look nice and secretly I want all the Dads to fancy me ( I’m yet to achieve this) but it’s way more important to me to be respected for what I do. I’d much rather hear ” You’re writing is amazing” than “Your boobs fill that Primark top effortlessly.”

So when I hear about a piece of feminism happening somewhere I like to grab the iPad and investigate. Sinead O’Connor is my latest crush!

For those of you who have missed it, Sinead sent an open letter to Miley Cyrus in response to Miley saying that the inspiration for her latest video came from “Nothing compares to you.” It was quite a rant. Sinead wrote it “in the spirit of motherly love” but used many words that I wouldn’t use writing to my kids such a ‘mother fucker’. Tonally it was an assault but the point she was making underneath it all was that Miley’s femininity is being used by the record industry for their gain and not hers. She should take back control of her body and stop allowing it to be exploited for commercial gain – to continue to do what she does is prostitution.

Miley hit back with a tweet implying that Sinead was mentally unwell and quoted tweets from a couple of years ago where Sinead was asking for help to find a psychiatrist to help her.

Sinead wrote a second, third and fourth letter asking Miley to apologise for the slur on her mental health (she’s now in full health). Sinead hits on the bigger issue that Miley is a role model to young people and if they see her openly mocking some-one for their mental health then Miley’s fans will follow suit.

Gosh I thought. I must watch this video. I waited for the kids to be in bed just in case it wasn’t suitable for them to watch then sat myself down with a nice cup of tea. I then spent the next four minutes watching a mostly naked young lady the size of a twig hump a hammer, a wall, a pile of bricks, a wrecking ball (that bit made me think of one of those swings for having sex on which sadly I only know about because I used to watch sex and the city) and sing at the camera for a couple of seconds. I think the last bit was the homage to Sinead O’Connor. The rest was porn. I was shocked. I remember being shocked at how sexual Christina Aguilera was in her ‘Dirty’ video. This is a whole new low!

Old news I hear you say and it is. This issue is starting to go away and Miley Cyrus still hasn’t apologised. She’ll get away with it. No-one is holding her to account. Where are the mental health organisations jumping on this and supporting Sinead? Where is the Facebook campaign where we all buy Sinead’s records and they become number 1, thus making a statement to the pop industry? There was a bigger outcry when the X-Factor started to monopolise the Christmas number 1!

When I finish this blog I shall be doing 2 things. Firstly I’m going to get on Facebook and show my support to people who have mental health issues. To mock them in the way Miley Cyrus has is disgusting. She may not be supportive but there are a lot of people who are so let the love flow.

Secondly, let’s not forget why this began. Miley Cyrus is showing young women everywhere that the way to succeed is by whipping your top off. And your bottoms. Is Sinead right? The honest answer is I don’t know. Without knowing Miley Cyrus I don’t know if she’s making these choices for herself or not. As a mum I wouldn’t want my daughters to be making such choices so when they’re old enough I shall sit them down and teach them Miley maths. What’s that you say? Miley maths is a simple direct inverse equation – the more naked you are the less respect people will have for your work.


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