Politician + my questions = none the wiser!

As me and my beautiful girls waved off my hubby (off to a Rugby international the luck thing) he mouthed the warning “politicians coming – don’t open the door!”.  Then he legged it quick before they tried to brainwash him!


But I did answer the door because I want to know what they would do and the reason I want to know is because this is my home town now and I don’t want them to ruin it!  


She asked me what I voted (secret ballot – I’m not telling you!).  She told me the country is going down the tubes and we need some labour counsellors on the town council.  Why I thought?  I decided to ask her some questions of a political nature.  Test her policies.  Find out what improvements she’d make if she got in.  My chosen subject – schools!


We chatted about how Kingston’s schools are overcrowded because people move to the area specifically for them.  She can’t promise me the school I want but she knows people that went to King Athelstan and had a great time.  If your kids are bright then they’ll be OK regardless.


So no changes then?  Any money for a new school to be built I asked.  I still don’t know the answer to that question.  


She was however very clear on the fact that I shouldn’t send my child to a private school.  If I do feel I need to then make sure they have a good playground.  “Sometimes these places have no facilities.”  Pop down the road love.  You’ll see that the state school at the end of the road, having to accommodate yet another temporary classroom, has turned what remained of the infants playground into a car park.  Your point is?


And here lies the issue with politics.  The question “what are your policies on ….” should be answered with the policy.  She blatantly didn’t know it!  She was a nice lady and probably cares greatly about Kingston but if this were a job interview then I’m not giving her the job.  Hang on …. it is a job interview!  

BOSS:  So why do you want the job?

POLITICIAN:  Because Dave down the road is doing a terrible job.  I think I’d be better.

BOSS:  But why would you be better?

POLITICIAN:  Well I can’t promise you I would be but why not?!  I’m nice!


I find politics alarming.  These people are in charge with only the press and a disconnected population to keep them in check.  I find it staggering that some-one who has had no experience in healthcare can be put in charge of creating policy for the NHS, only to be moved the following year to defence in which they’ve also never had any experience.


BOSS:  So what relevant experience do you have from previous roles?


BOSS:  Great.  The jobs yours!


I could be a politician.  I’m articulate, funny and likeable.  Policies – free wine for mums!  Oh no, hang on.  I get things done.  Count me out!





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