Review – Fitsteps strictly come dancing fitness class


Rating: 5/5

Behold – before and after pictures from my first ever Fitsteps class! As you can see I (a) did not die and (b) was still smiling at the end. So that’s all very positive. In fact, I only have positive things to say about this class.

For those who don’t know, Fitsteps is a newish class that takes the format of Zumba i.e. four minute routines but rather than making you gyrate in an inappropriate fashion for a woman over 18, this class instead uses the moves from ballroom and Latin dance. It’s been created by two of the dancers of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fame and covers all the favourites that you’ll see on a Saturday night, from samba to quickstep.

Adele is everything you want and expect in an instructor. She looks fab, explains everything clearly, does the moves beautifully and falls into the hyperactive puppy category (the other category being sadistic psycho – avoid these people at all costs).

This was my first class since getting pregnant. I gave birth to a 9 pound baby. I am not the same woman I once was so I took a gentle approach to the class. In the jive I didn’t do the jumping for example. My pelvic floor refused to play along with some of the faster steps so I just did my own version and I did all of this without feeling like I wasn’t part of the class. Over time I hope to be worthy of a quickstep with Anton!

There is something for everyone. Some of the women in the class I attended then went off and did Zumba so it obviously appeals to the fitness fanatics! There were total beginners having a fab time too. However, what was different about this class is that there was enough dance content to make it interesting to dancers. Twenty years and five stone ago I was a really good dancer so I often find fitness classes a bit boring. This class, once I’ve got the basics and muscles that do what my brain tells them, will mean that I get to practise my dance moves and form as well as get fit.

I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Fitsteps takes place every Tuesday at 9.45am Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club and 6.30pm St Marks church hall (church hill entrance) and it’s £5 pay as you go.


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