Remember this?!  I used to love this program.  Then she went all mad and started fighting machines disguised as Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Ah, the 80s.

This week you could take your child down memory lane and tell them all about the 80s but you probably won’t have an audience for long.  Instead try these!

Watch the film!  I ADORE Disney and am happy to shamelessly plug this film.  It is beyond doubt my favourite Disney film.  I have modelled my life on it!  Obviously also read the book.

Disney have a great website with lot’s of activities related to this story on there.

Then act it out.  Dads and Grandads make great beasts!

Magic Mirror is another fantastic game that you can play.  Hold something up that frames your face (you can easily cut a piece of paper with a big hole to do this) and be the magic mirror.  Then get your child to say an emotion and you act it out.

Child:  I want to see silly

Parent:  pulls silly face

Sometimes it helps to let the child go first so that they understand what you’re talking about more easily.


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