King Midas – Follow up activities

This week we’ve been looking at the Greek classic of King Midas.  It’s a great opportunity to launch into money related activities.  I would keep it to pretend money unless you want to be fleeced – toddlers are amazing at that!

Find anything you can that looks like money.  Shiney objects for coins, bit of paper for notes.  Then set up shop.  Buy and sell lots of stuff but count the money for every single transaction.  The kids will have loads of fun over-charging you for carrots!

Gold featured heavily in our story so go on a gold hunt.  This is just as much fun out and about as it is in the house.  See if you can see things that are made of gold (or look like they are!).  You can even come up with a points system where items are awarded points based on their shininess!  Is that even a word?!  You know what I mean.  You can take this further and make a collection of shiny things.

Finally, come bath time why not “wash away the golden touch!”


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