Like Mother like daughter but stricter!

I was asked to do some Story Storks workshops at the weekend at the St John’s church Christmas Fayre to help raise money for a new church roof, floor and walls! I’m always more than happy to help at events like this if I can but this time I had to bring both children. The youngest, as you know, comes with me to workshops anyway so no worries there. The four year old is a sod. She tries to talk to me when I’m in character – at that moment I’m not her mother. What if I’m playing Bill Sykes – she could end up being sent off to rob people!! She’d be good at it!

All attempts to get a babysitter failed so I enlisted the help of the digital babysitter a.k.a the iPad and downloaded a
shed load of Ben and Holly. Rachel lasted her usual 5 mins in the workshop with me and then went to sit outside with the digital babysitter being kindly watched by the lovely St John’s mummies. After 40 mins I emerged from the workshops which I’d just told everyone were designed to help develop children’s language and literacy skills to see my four year old surrounded by 4 new friends and using her Eggy Alphabet app to drill them on their phonics!


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