Thumbelina – Follow up activities


Check out what me and Thumbelina were up to this morning! I know it looks like we’ve pulled an all nighter but actually we did go to bed. We just didn’t get to stay in the bed for very long before the baby starting calling for a bottle of white! Thumbelina story week is always fun and there’s lots for you to get up to.

For once it’s OK to draw on your hands! More specifically your fingers and that of your little one. Draw a little Thumbelina on your thumb (mine is drawn using a biro from my husbands place of work) and bring Thumbelina along with you for the day. You can also get finger puppets which do the job equally well. I got my finger puppets as part of a set from IKEA. Any small play doll will work equally well for Thumbelina play.

You can have a game of float or swim. Get a bowl of water and a variety of objects that will float or sink. You can always play it at bath time if that easier. Take the first item and ask little one if it will float or sink. Then see if they were right. Then repeat! For the older ones you can then extend this and ask them to find items that they think will sink or float. Hours of fun! To link it to the story make sure one of the items you have is a leaf as that was what Thumbelina used as a little boat!

Finally grab a toilet roll and get making outfits! Wrap it round and round yourselves and then have a fashion show. Most children under 3 prefer to wrap up a grown-up than be made into a toilet roll dolly themselves! You can still have lot’s of fun doing it.


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