Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

It’s Christmas! There are all manner of activities you can do at this time of year with the kids and, because it’s Christmas, it’s ok to do them whilst drinking wine. This is, by far, my favourite time of year!

So this weeks story is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The first half of this story has no plot! More it’s about introducing the children to the current culture surround the Christmas myth – present buying, writing to Santa and how the presents get here on a sleigh. Any follow up activities focused around preparing for Xmas are a must.

Christmas cards – they don’t have to be good and you don’t have to actually send them to anybody! Literally fold a piece of paper in half and get going. You can get glitter glue now where the glitter is already in the glue so it doesn’t go all over your house. Personally I let my kids play with glitter as it doesn’t matter if I turn up at work covered in the stuff!

Put up the tree!

Talk about what you’ll leave out for Santa when he comes down the chimney. Plan where to out Rudolph’s carrots. We put them out on the front door step. We have a debate raging in our house as to whether or not Santa drinks red wine or cider! I say red wine but Daddy says cider!

There are colouring pages galore on the internet for this time of year. I like ‘’ as it has basic pictures and stuff that would be interesting for bigger kids.

Finally, get the sleigh ride music on and pretend to be on Santa’s sleigh. You can even make the sleigh out of sofa cushions and rugs. Then go for a sleigh ride! The music I use is Seigh Ride by Leroy Anderson – type that into You Tube and you’ll find lots of versions. Should keep you busy for hours!


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