Rudolph the Brown Nosed Reindeer

It was the night before the night before Christmas and everyone in the North Pole was getting very excited.  All of the Elves had made the toys ready for all the children who had written to Father Christmas.  He’d been through his list and checked off who had been naughty and who had been nice.  The sleigh was nearly packed and ready to go and all of the Reindeer were very keen to get going.  All of the reindeer except one that is.  Rudolph.  Rudolph was sad – and a little bit worried.

A few years before Rudolph had been sad because he had a bright red nose and all of the other reindeer had brown noses.  They used to laugh at him and call him names.  They wouldn’t let him join in any reindeer games.  But that year, it was really foggy on Christmas eve and Father Christmas needed some-one to light the way.  That’s where Rudolph came in.  His nose was so bright and shiny that Father Christmas could use it as a headlight to see where he was going.


But this year, his nose isn’t bright, or shiny.  It’s not even red.  It’s brown.   


He can’t understand it.  He just woke up that way.

“Rudolph!  Rudolph!” said Trixie the Elf.  “I’ve just heard the weather forecast for tomorrow night and it’s foggy again.  Father Christmas is going to need your bright red nose.  You have to get it back!” she cried. 

“But I don’t know how!” said Rudolph.  “If I knew how I’d do it.  It was big and red yesterday but when I woke up this morning it was brown.”

“Right said Trixie – let’s have a think.  Oh, I know.  My face goes red when I do some exercise.  Maybe we could try that.”

“OK” said Rudolph.  “I’ll ask Dancer.  He can get us moving.”  So Trixie and Rudolph ran off to find Dancer. 

Dancer showed them some amazing moves.  They pumped their arms.  They did slides.  They did the running man. 


But nothing seemed to work.  Rudolph’s nose was still brown.

“Have you tried laughing.  Maybe that would work” said Trixie. 

Rudolph shook his head.  He didn’t even feel happy, let alone ready to laugh.  Rudolph needed to get happy. 

He sang some of his favourite songs. 


That started to work.  He was almost cheerful.  Then Trixie snuck up behind him and tickled him!  He laughed and laughed and laughed.

Finally they looked at his nose.  It was still brown.

“I’ve run out of ideas” said Trixie “and now it’s time for bed.  Let’s see if we can figure it out in the morning.  If not then I’ll have to tell Father Christmas and we’ll have to call off Christmas.”

“WHAT” said Rudolph.  “You can’t do that!”


“We’ll have to.  If Father Christmas can’t see where he’s going then he won’t be able to drive the sleigh and he needs your nose to see where he’s going.  Goodnight Rudolph!”

Rudolph was all alone.  It took him ages to get to sleep.  He was so worried.  What if Christmas was cancelled because of him.  Finally he drifted off.


Trixie however had got to sleep pretty easily.  She was exhausted from dancing with Dancer!   She was having a lovely dream about an enormous ice-cream when she awoke with a start.  In the dark of her room she could hear rustling.  “Who who’s there” she called out in a little voice.  Nobody answered. The rustling carried on.  Finally she decided to be brave and switch the light on.  She closed her eyes and counted to 3. 

1, 2, 3, click!

And there, at the bottom of her bed, was Rudolph, eating the chocolate from her selection box.  “What are you doing!” she shouted, but Rudolph just kept eating.  She got closer to him, and his eyes were closed.

He was sleep walking!

And his whole face was brown.


“Hang on a second” thought Trixie.  She ran over to her sink, got her flannel and wiped Rudolph’s nose.  Sure enough, as she wiped his nose became brighter and brighter and redder and redder until it lit up the whole room.  Rudolph had been sleep eating other people’s chocolate.  His nose wasn’t brown – it had chocolate on it!

Trixie shouted really loudly to wake Rudolph up. 


He woke with a start and she shared the amazing news with him!

So the following night, when all the children in the world were asleep, Rudolph proudly lit the way for Father Christmas’s sleigh.  All of the presents were delivered, all of the other reindeer still loved him and everybody lived …. Happily Ever After!


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