Here he is.  Jason has today chosen to wear just a hat!  If they put other clothes on him then he is no longer considered art!!!

Jason and the Golden Fleece is one of the biggest stories that we tell at Story Storks and it always amazes me how well the kids sit for it.  That said I don’t tell the full version – if I added in the bits where people kill people and creatures the story would take 2 hours!  

As for follow up activities, you can get children’s versions of the book.  Usbourne do a really lovely one.  

Otherwise prepare to set sail with the little ones.  Make the Argo out of sofa cushions and rugs and row row row through the clashing rocks!  Where will you go?  Have an adventure?!

We used shakey sounds to scare away the Harpies.  You can make shakey sounds using rice and kitchen containers.  If you’re feeling nice let them paint them too!  Then get a couple of socks for the harpies, put them on your hands and shake the sounds at them to get them to fly away!





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