The Story of the Story of King Athelstan

It’s a beautiful day and I find myself carrying parts of a temporary bar from The Lamb pub to the builders yard over the road. I’m helping to set up for a Seething Wells event, an event which I sadly can’t attend. Also carrying bar parts is Aniela, a woman who epitomises cool and funky. She is everything I wanted to be when I was younger. Infact I wish I was that cool now! We start chatting and I tell her all about Story Storks. She just happens to run a major event called the international Youth Arts Festival – would I like to be a part of it?

Turns out that Aniela is a big fish in the Kingston arts scene and since our bizarre meeting has opened up a whole host of doors for me and my story telling adventures, one of which was to perform Story Storks at the May Merrie festival where I met Amy and Tegan from Kingston Museum. Amy was dressed as a man on a horse. She was essentially wearing a horse. Tegan was dressed more normally but despite this I still liked her. We got chatting about Story Storks and Tegan asked if I could cover some of her children’s sessions when she was on holiday. “Of course” I said. “I could even tell some of the stories behind the artefacts” I said flippantly, not really meaning it. But actually, why not? Story Storks Heritage was born.

Fast forward a year and I’ve just completed delivery of my first Kingston Story, that of King Athelstan. The kids loved it. I loved it. What really surprised me was just how much the adults loved it. Parents booked their children in to the workshops because they wanted to know the story for themselves. It’s a great story but the real draw is that it happened right here in Kingston. I have found my life calling!

With so much interest it would be criminal for me to not share this story so I’m going to start with a series of blogs which tell you of my adventures finding out the story of King Athelstan. If you’re lucky I’ll also share with you the hilarious photograph’s I took on my research trips!!!

Watch this space.


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