THE WILD SWANS – Follow up activities

This week’s story is a Hans Christian Andersen classic, albeit one of his less well known stories.  As usual I’ve stayed as true to the original as possible.  If you would like to have this book at home to read then Usbourne do a really nice version of it which is also true to the original despite changing the title to the Swan Princess!

This story is a great opportunity to go and feed the swans on the river and count them.  Can you see eleven?  Are there more or less?

You can also look at things that fly.  Swans fly by flapping their wings?  What else flies?  Do planes flap their wings etc.  Go to the park and fly like a swan, and then a plane, and then a helicopter!!

You can also explore feathers.  Feathers are floaty if you drop them from a height.  They also make interesting paint brushes!  They are available on the floor of local parks but if you prefer something clean you can pick them up in fabric land very cheaply.


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