Jack and the Beanstalk – Follow up Activities

The schools love this story. I always feel a bit torn teaching the kids how to sneak up and steal something – three times! I am glad that I used the Wheels cha cha cha music instead of The Stripper as I was going to do (my nod to Morecombe and Wise!)

This story is all about counting. We count the beans and we can count gold. There are 5 magic beans – what else is there 5 of? Five fingers, give toes. Any groups of 5 things in your house that your little one can spot?

The phonic focus is /f/ in our Fi Fi Fo Fum. Can you help your child to elongate the /f/ at the beginning of the words to start the phonics practise.

We make breakfast from all sorts musical instruments. Crack out the none breakable kitchen equipment and are if you can make lunch by bashing Tupperware and shaking salt sellars!

As an arts and crafts activity you can do leaf printing. Paint one side of a leaf and then press it onto a piece of paper. Peel off the leaf and voila, you have a piece of art! If you make enough you could make a beanstalk of your own!


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