Fig 1 – My chosen look if I were a man.

This weeks story, the Pied Piper is all about being German, rodent control and hosiery!  It’s no wonder it’s such a classic!  Alarmingly it may actually be a true story.  There is some evidence to suggest that a lot of children in the town Hamelin died around 1284 and this event was made mention to in a stained glass window and some early documents.  The sources are quite vague but put together they tell a chilling tale.  The rats weren’t added to the tale until the 1500’s so it’s quite possible that the Pied Piper is being portrayed as ‘Death’ of children ushering them in to the next world.

But not at Story Storks he’s not.  In my workshops he’s a mad camp German with a love of M&S Hosiery who just wants his wages and goes to extremes to get them.  No children are harmed!!

And so to follow up activities. 

BAKING – get baking peeps!  Remember it was all the lovely baking that brought the rats around.  In order for you to not have the rat issue you must then eat every single crumb of the baked goods! 

GUESS THAT TUNE – the Pied Piper plays the pipe really badly!  Can you play a tune on an unusual instrument and see if your little one can guess it and vice versa.  For example can you knock out Twinkle Twinkle Little star on the saucepan and wooden spoon?  It’s lot’s of fun but I would suggest you stick to nursery rhymes.  Few pre-schoolers are familiar with the entire Spandau Ballet back catalogue.

PROMISES – It’s an opportunity to talk to your little one about promises and why it’s important to keep them.  Why did the Piper act as he did?  Who was in the wrong?  Big world discussions work well with this tale.

ZILLERTELLER HOCHZEITSMARCH – Crack out the German Beers and get dancing with this rendition of the Zillerteller Hochzeitsmarch!  Best still, wait until the kids have gone to bed and when you’re other half asks you what you did at Story Storks today crack this on!!!  The version I use is from an album called Die Ziet ist reif fur Lederhosen which I can’t recommend highly enough.  I so wish I was German.

FOLLOW THE PIPER – Find some sort of annoying whistle toy and play it!  Have your little one follow you around whilst you’re playing.  When you stop they have to freeze.  Almost like musical statues.  Then swap over.  Later that evening put the annoying whistle toy back in it’s hiding place and remember why it was there in the first place!





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