This was the first story I wrote for Story Storks. The first draft was a literary master piece. Needless to say the kids hated it! I changed the way I told the story and got it right second time round.

I chose this story to write first as it was my favourite as a child. I was obsessed with the goblin. How did he get his foot through the floor? How hard must he have been stamping? It made no sense!

But to our day. There are lot’s of fun things you can do to follow up on this one.

TRAVELLING TO THE ROOMS – in the story we travel through palace between the three rooms in which the millers daughter was placed. See if you can make travelling between the lounge and the kitchen more fun! Go up the stairs, through the bath, under the beds and round the table. Walk sideways though the thin corridor which is so thin that giants can’t get through it. Crawl through the secret tunnel and jump over the stepping stones.

WHICH IS BIGGER – choose three rooms in your house and have a good natter with the little one about which one is the biggest. For younger kids make it obvious! You can extend this to objects too.

BABY PLAY – grab a toy to be the baby and talk about baby’s needs. Is baby crying? Can we cuddle baby? Is baby hungry? It doesn’t have to be a baby – Rachel and I used to play this with oranges. Then she would take the Orange out with us. We took the Orange to Sainsburys. I bought her a baby doll and still we took the oranges shopping. With time she did eventually make the swap!!!

NAMES – the story is all about guessing the name of the goblin. Many things have names. It’s lovely to get pictures of family and friends and see if your little one can name them. For slightly older kids write names of household objects on a post- it, read them together and see if your little one can label the object. I’m thinking tables and chairs – big stuff that they can’t fail to miss.

READ THE BOOK – this is of course always the best way to follow up the story!


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