The Princess and the Pea Halloween story – follow up activities!

This is quite a unique story in the Story Storks stable as the vast majority of it is original material.  The original story begins that “A prince went out to try to find a Princess to marry but came home alone.”  I’ve just beefed that up a bit!

The follow up activities this week should be all about halloween fun.  Try to find some stories that relate to halloween characters; room on the broom and Winnie the Witch tales are fantastic for kids this age.

You can spend an afternoon making witches hats and broomsticks out of newspaper, sellotape and a bit of paint.  I used to do that as a kid and then when Daddy came home he would pick us up with our broomsticks between our legs and we would fly around the room.

If you’re carving a pumpkin then the insides make a fun sensory experience for very little ones.  Don’t let them eat the seeds but the feel of it is quite something! Here is a picture of my effort last year.


You can make spider shaped sausage and mash for a halloween tea!

I’m not going to go on.  Just google it.

I am going to tell you my trick or treating rules however.  In our house I e-mail the neighbours and ask if they wouldn’t mind us trick or treating them.  If they do mind I tell them not to respond and we’ll never speak of it again!  I’m really friendly with most of them so they normally all say yes.  We then go off trick or treating only to people who’ve said yes and know we’re coming.

I then come home, put the kids to bed and hide all manner of things halloween out of sight.  Last year I had kids I didn’t know turning up at the door until 9:30pm at night.  I could have been anybody!!  The big gang of teenage boys who had literally just put a mask on was not my favourite group.

So I think it’s OK to do it but I think you need to make sure that the person to whom you’re doing it is OK with it too.

A final note – the trick last year was Rachel singing a song.  We practised it all day long.  Then when it came to it she refused to so I ended up singing on most of my neighbours door steps.  Come up with a better trick than this would be my advice!!!!!


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