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Fig 1 – An important message that deserves to be shared.

I remember sitting at a birthday party when I was coming up with the idea of Story Storks and telling my now sister in law of my plans.  She made me promise that in my version of Cinderella there would be three balls, not just one.  She feels that little Princesses everywhere have been ripped off by Disney just opting to show one ball – they should get 3 dresses!!!  Needless to say my daughter’s get very excited when she buys them a present!

So my version has 3 balls!  I only have one dress but I turn it around so it looks slightly different every time.   But to how to follow on from this weeks workshops.


Reading the book after the story workshop works wonders, especially if you can do it on the same day.  Reading it the week before the story is even better but it’s too late for this week!!  If you don’t have a version of the book then head to the library. 


Make some puppets by getting your child to draw the characters and then sellotape the resulting scribbles onto pencils.  Re-enact the story for your child and then encourage them to do it.  Don’t correct them when they go off on a tangent.  Let them explore the story in their own way.  They’ll surprise you with what they come up with.  They’ll probably have you laughing your ass off as well!


Grab a load of shoes and get them to try them on you!  See if they can figure out which one fits.  Then swap over.  Then get them to put the shoes back super neatly!!!!


Cinderella obviously does a fair bit of cleaning at the beginning of the story.  Lot’s of kids like cleaning, especially if they get to make a mess!  My 2 year old loves washing up (only plastic things I would add) and my now 5 year old loved nothing more than mopping the floor when she was younger.  She was so serious about her mopping that she would change into her swimming costume first! 


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