Fig 1 – An illustration that I wish I’d drawn – super cute!

I love this story.  I love the wolf more accurately.  I created the wolf character in my head when I endlessly read Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes version to my eldest girly.  I read it so often I can still recite it now!  It was this story that part inspired the madness that my story workshops thrive on!

My first attempt at writing Red Riding Hood however was as a pantomime.  I never fully finished the script.  One day I’ll do that and perform it.  I may even let other people be in it!!

But to follow up activities


Print the picture above and get the kids to either draw a scene from the story or if they’re way old they could write a few words!!! 


Grab a great big saucepan, stick it in the middle of the room and ask your little one to put in something that’s red.  See what they come up with.  Test them on all their colours – taupe always leads to a classic look from a toddler!


If the weather holds out then get outside and see if there are any flowers you can pick.  I’m thinking daisy’s and dandelions rather than the neighbours prize roses.


The story has at it’s heart an important moral message – don’t send your children out alone in the woods.  If your mother is sick put the kids in the car and drive over there yourself!  It’s also a good excuse to talk to your child about boundaries – should they walk in the road or stick to the pavement?  When mummy loses sight of them mummy panics – if mummy is screaming stop hiding etc.  I’ve had many of these chats with my own children who are now able to determine whether I’m joking or if I’m having a heart attack because I think I’ve lost them!!!


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