the frog prince–follow up activities

Princess Kissing Frog

Fig 1 – me in my nightie!

The Frog Prince was my favourite story as a child and the second that I wrote for Story Storks.  Despite having such fond memories of it I had to google the name.  This made me feel old!!

But moving on, here are some ideas of how you can follow up with on this story.

Read the book!

Play catch.  Talk about how the Princess liked to throw and catch her ball whilst doing it.  She was a big fan of all sports – what else could you do with the ball?

Hop like a frog.  Do it at the supermarket!!  OK, best not but at home can your little ones hop like a frog?  You can do this as a version of musical statues.  I would advise against joining in – they will never let you stop!!

Towards the end of this story we do a big old roleplay with the frogs.  What other toys could you feed at home?  Encourage your little one into a tea party with their cuddly friends.  


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