a christmas carol–follow up activities


When I told the head librarian at Kingston’s Children’s library that I was planning on doing A Christmas Carol with children under the age of 3 his face was a picture!  I don’t think he thought it was possible and he’s a big fan of Story Storks and how I can tell big stories to teeny children.  Undeterred, I wrote it anyway.  This is one of my favourite stories and the Story Storks version is one of my all time favourites.  The secret – great characters!  They don’t write them like they used to.

My version is not scary.  My ghost of Christmas yet to come is an Orangutan with a teatowel on his head.  Yet even the teeny kids can take away the message of this story – that Christmas is a time for giving thanks.

And so the follow up activities from this story all are about saying thank-you. 

Make Daddy a card to say thank-you for all his hard work.

Make Mummy a bigger card to say thank-you for all her hard work.

Make something even more substantial for the nanny but with the same sentiment!

Help your child write a list of all the people in their lives who do things for them.  Make them aware that there are all sorts of people who do things, not just those that they see every day.  From their teachers to the bin men, there are lots who help them live the way that they do.  Are there any that you should be saying thanks to?

Train your child to shout “come in and know me better man” just as your husband walks through the door!!  The look on my husband’s face was priceless!!!!!


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