St Nicholas – Follow Up activities


By: Sarah

I love this story.  It’s one of my favourites.  I say that every time I post I know but this one really is!!  We look this week at how the legend of St Nicholas is still celebrated today by hanging stockings over the fireplace and having a man run round in a big red cape in the middle of the night!  What’s not to love!!!

The story features three sisters and how they narrowly escape slavery thanks to St Nicholas being generous anonymously.  For older children it’s a good way to start a conversation about giving at Christmas.  Make a point of letting your little one give money to a local charity or even give some old toys to a charity shop.  If that’s too hardcore (it would be for my eldest!) then talk about giving something to members of the family.  It’s not just all about them.  Then take them to your favourite Jewellers and point out the things you like just incase Daddy asks!!!

Then you’re into arts and crafts.  What can you make that Daddy/Nanny/Grandpa would love to receive?  Make something, wrap it up and get giving!


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