Rapunzel – Follow up Activites

Rapunzel, Märchen, unfähig, Missgeschick, Prinz


Fig 1:  A colouring picture for little ones.  I like the comedy horse!!

There are two big themes in Rapunzel; family and hair!

Exploring the family theme is a lovely thing to do with your kids, especially if they have younger siblings.  Use cuddly toys to be their babies.  Take a toy out to the park and let your little one be parent to the toy.   Sing lullaby’s, feed them and even wipe their bottoms!  Give them a chance to do a little nurturing themselves.

Secondly hair.  Get out the hair brush, comb, hairbands, clips and glitter and go for it.  Get crazy on the hair.  Let your little one do your hair too (brush it first would be my top tip and just accept that it’s going to hurt a little!)

For the arts and crafts bods out there why not try making a wig!  You can use anything for hair.  Wool is the obvious choice but old tights would do just as well.  If you have a shower cap or helmet you can glue or stick the hair on.   The end results will make you look like the best parent ever when you post them on Facebook!

When you’re next down the park rather than just climbing a boring old ladder to get to the top of the slide why not pretend to be the witch or prince and climb up the plait!   This should help to stimulate children’s imaginations so that they can lead the story themselves.



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