Easter – how not to break it to your little one

Even though a year has passed this is still raw!!!!

My 4 year old asked me who Easter was. “Easter isn’t a person. Easter is a religious festival. Do you know why we celebrate Easter?”

No says the 4 year old.

My advice at this point is to steer away from the religious reason. Let the school deal with that. Tell them of the Easter Bunny and the chocolate that’s in it for them.

I ploughed on with “well we celebrate because at Easter Jesus………………….died.”

That same Jesus who
just 2 months ago during christmas was a baby and now I’m saying he’s dead. Can you imagine the horror on her little face!

“It’s alright! He comes back to life on the following Sunday and then we get to eat chocolate.”

All is well again. Jesus can do what he likes as long as there’s chocolate in it for the 4 year old!

Learn from this mistake people!! B

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