After the incredible response to King Athelstan and Chums last night I thought I’d republish the Athelstan blogs this week. Enjoy!

Athelstan was born in 894AD we think but no-one really knows the day or where as no-one wrote it down.  This is how my research started.  A little part of me died!

Although I’m now a storyteller my first career was as a pharmacologist so I am well versed in scientific research.  Science is all about facts.  There are figures and numbers and people who have actually proven stuff without a shadow of a doubt.  It is like baking – a list of precise ingredients which can be reproduced time and time again.

History however is much more like cooking.  Throw in a bit of this, a bit of that and hope that what comes out onto your plate tastes nice and isn’t on fire.  When researching as far back as Athelstan’s birth you have to rely on patchy sources, some of which are copies or rely on other sources…

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