Dear Little Ones


Dear Little Ones,

It’s hard being you.  It takes an extraordinary amount of energy to throw those tantrums.  The concentration it took to put that new ‘Banksy’ on mummies bedroom door in your favoured medium, wax crayon, must have drained you.  And the dogged determination it takes to fight constantly with your sibling.  Wow.  It amazes me that you still have the energy to party for 2 hours in the middle of the night.

You need to relax.  You need down time.  You need YOU time.  And I know just the thing.  Go to your parents and demand that they take you to the library and read to you.  Make sure you get to choose the books.  Don’t let them trick you into any of that educational stuff.  This is your time off and you just want to have fun.

Relax whilst your parent holds the book for you, sip from your favourite sippy cup and be inspired by the amazing pictures and illustrations.  What can you see?  Tell your parents.  They are terrible at identifying animals – that’s why they’re always asking you ‘who’s that and what noise does it make’.  Help them out.

Make sure they’re reading properly too.  You like the funny voices.  Demand the funny voices.  The Gruffalo should not have the same voice as a fairy.  If they do it wrong then jump up and act it out for them.  You know parents sometimes need a bit of help to do the silly stuff.

Most of all, make sure you’re having some fun.  Reading should be for pleasure.  Sometimes your parents might be a bit sneaky and try to make you read boring books telling you things like ‘you need to learn to read RIGHT NOW or you’ll never amount to anything’ but you know that’s not true.  You will need to read but only when you’re ready and what you need more than anything is the fun.  You want to be a kid who reads for pleasure because not only is that how you unwind, but kids who read for pleasure are proven to achieve better exam results.  Whole grades better.  Sooner or later your parents are going to grow old and you’ll be lumbered with looking after them.  You’ll need a well paid job to do that which means you need good grades at school and you’ll get them if you become a kid who reads for pleasure.  Ignore them if they try to stop the fun…..parents know nothing.  They don’t even know that a cow goes moo!

The only downside to the library is that it’s totally free.  You need to make sure they take you past a toy/sweet/magazine/book shop on the way home to screw them out of a bit of money.  They’ll only blow it on wine if you don’t spend it for them.  What would they do without you!

Lot’s of love

Sarah Cantrill


This post has been written to celebrate National Libraries Day on 6th February 2016 in conjunction with The Reading Agency and the #libraryletters campaign from the Arts Council.




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