Dear Little Ones with grown-ups who read without including you! 


Argos Catalogue Frame medium res

Dear Little Ones,

You know by now that your grown-ups should be reading fun stuff to you and that includes your books and other kids books and the books at the library.  This is to make you even more brainy and fabulous in the future.

But did you know that grown-ups read stuff all the time and most of what they read to themselves doesn’t feature Peppa Pig!  When they look at their phone with that blank look on their face they’re probably reading a text!  They’re reading.  Why aren’t they reading to you?  What is so special about it that they can’t share these things with you?  Let’s look at some of the things that grown ups are leaving you out of!

Text messages

Most are perfectly fine to be read out to you!  Here is one I just sent from my phone as an example.

Text to Goldilocks



Vogue wisdom

Some magazines are full of amazing stuff and if your grown-up is interested in it then you might be too.  Also, when grown-ups read about a subject they enjoy themselves it comes out in their voice.  We do like our grown-ups to have fun – sometimes!

Argos catalogue

Literally full of pictures, words, numbers and an enormous toy section.    It’s an early years dream!  And it’s free!  To this day the Argos Catalogue is still my husband’s favourite book.

Comedy mugs

Actually it might not be the best idea to have these read to you.  Perhaps instead you should consider encouraging your grown ups to do a mug audit before you can read for yourself.


Lot’s of grown-ups think that they don’t read, or aren’t readers, because they’re not reading books.  But the truth is grown-ups read all the time.  When a grown up says “oooooo” at a sign that says “Today only – 50% off the price of designer pants” they’ve read it!  Demand they read it to you too.

And then take them to the library and show them that there are grown-up books in their too, not all written by Dickens.  As you know, the trick to enjoying reading is picking the right type of book, regardless of how unclassy it might be!

I’m seriously beginning to think you’ll be never be able to leave home.  What would they do without you?

Lot’s of love

Sarah Cantrill


A Note to Grown-ups

Babies who are read to will have double the vocabulary at 5 of a child who wasn’t read to which will make it easier for them to learn to read when the time is right.  Of course its wonderful to share stories with them but there is no reason to stop there.  Read them every text, every e-mail, every sign and every catalogue you come across.  They will benefit hugely from it and it’s no extra effort for you as you would be reading these things anyway – just in your head!

Children who read for pleasure are proven to perform better at exam time.  Whole grades better.  The best way to teach ‘reading for pleasure’ is by example!  Your children will copy you so if you get caught reading for fun then your kids are likely to value reading too.  It doesn’t have to be a Bronte novel.  We all have different tastes.  Some of us prefer the paper.  It really doesn’t matter – what matters is that you share it with your kids and let them know that you’re enjoying what you’re reading.

More and more our reading habits are moving online and the younger generation will embrace this more than any other.  There’s nothing wrong with it!  However kids who go to the library on a regular basis and take out books are also proven* to be better readers so lead by example.  Libraries are full of all sorts of books nowadays so have a good look and see if you can find something for you too.  You don’t have to read it all but you’ll be setting one heck of an example!

*possibly this is because no-one has measured the success of online reading, but the library will always be one of the most inspiring places for kids because they can see the whole catalogue at the same time!



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