Phonological Awareness Boogie Woogie


And now the science behind the madness you’ve just watched in the video!

Phonological Awareness is one of 6 pre-reading skills that children need in order to learn to read when the time is right for them.

The first part of the process of learning to read for children in the UK is to learn their phonics.  Phonics are the sounds which make up a word.

For example ‘cat’ is made up of /k/  /a/  /t/.  The /k/ and the /t/ are almost whispered.  See You Tube for lots of videos on how to pronounce phonics!

Phonological awareness is the ability to be able to hear that words are made up of smaller sounds.  It’s not something that we’re born with – we develop it and it starts from when we’re babies.  It has been scientifically proven time and time again that rhyme and singing can significantly enhance this skill.

There is also significant evidence that children with good phonological awareness skills find it easier to read (and in some studies write too).

So sing as often as you can.  Sing nursery rhymes, sing along with the radio, sing to your child when it’s dinner time or tidy up time, and as soon as they can get them singing too.  If somebody in the supermarket questions why you are singing to your child about the choice between Merlot or Malbec turn on them and say “I’m increasing her phonological awareness so that she can read when she’s 5 – obviously!”

Then buy the Malbec!







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