The Colour is Important!

Yesterday I had to return my beautiful blue hand bag to Cath Kidston as the strap had broken. It was a Christmas present from my husband which meant that it had been purchased more than 28 days ago.  I wasn’t sure they’d exchange it. I had to wait for
the manageress to become free but in the meantime the assistant manager got a replacement ready – a red one. Then she tried to figure out if I’d put too much stuff in it. Clearly I denied that.  I have a changing bag for carrying around the kids stuff, drinks, snacks, kitchen sink – this beautiful blue bag is just for my essentials.

The manageress arrived and proclaimed “oh no, it shouldn’t do that.  We’ll replace it.” The assistant then started to prepare the red bag.

I felt this awful pang in my chest.  Then it started to rise up through my wind pipe and out of my eyes in the form of tears.  I was stood in Cath Kidston crying because they were about to give me a brand new red bag and I wanted the blue one.

I loved my old blue bag. I didn’t want to not have it.  I knew that it was ridiculous but I couldn’t stop myself.

The manageress then switched into super awesome mode and started saying soothing words like “don’t worry.  We’ll find you a blue one.  You’re not leaving here without a blue one.”  She then searched the shelves and draws until she found me a blue bag.  Disaster averted. I stopped crying.  I smiled again and put my essentials (spare pants for kids, crayons, chocolate bribes) back into my new identical blue handbag

I still can’t believe I did it. It was totally unreasonable and there was no holding back those tears.  But in that moment of total unreasonableness I had an insight into the life of a toddler who is refusing to drink water from a green cup because there is a pink cup available and they want the pink cup.

So next time a toddler throws a massive flip out because I’ve given them the wrong coloured cup I will flip into super awesome Cath Kidston Manageress mode because thanks to my beautiful blue handbag I now get it.

The colour is important!




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