High heels – now hang on a minute.

This fabulously funny video is doing the rounds on Facebook at the minute since  Nicola Thorp, a British woman, launched a petition after being sent home without pay from a temp receptionist job at Price Waterhouse Cooper in the city of London without pay.  The petition argues:

“It’s still legal in the UK for a company to require female members of staff to wear high heels at work against their will. Dress code laws should be changed so that women have the option to wear flat formal shoes at work if they wish. Current formal work dress codes are outdated and sexist.”

At the time of writing the petition stands at 138,000 + signatures, many more than the 10,000 needed for it to be brought before parliament.


Since then the media have started to come out against high heels.  Down with high heels.  High heels are bad.  High heels hurt your feet.  High heels are symbollic of the oppression of women everywhere.  Women who wear high heels are pandering to men’s sexual desires.  We should cast off our high heels and burn them.  And then throw them at men for being pigs.  Down with men.


Once again a little bit of feminism is being picked up and swept out of all proportion.  It’s not the high heels that are the problem.  Or the men.  It’s the fact the she didn’t have a choice.


I like wearing high heels.  I will admit that since having 2 kids and putting on a bit of weight they’re not as comfortable as they used to be.  Also my social life is now drinking wine infront of the sofa and although I could wear heels if I wanted to I choose not to.  My choice, no-one elses.

Not so long ago it was pubic hair that was the focus of media attention.  Young women were being forced by men to remove all of their pubic hair else no man would ever want to have sex with them.  I remember reading that and laughing.  My experience of men is that they are just grateful some-one is willing to have sex with them.  You could be growing daffodils in your pants and they wouldn’t care.

But no, women were being oppressed.  We had to stand up to men.  It wasn’t just a fashion thing.  Why would a woman choose to put herself through a painful process like that?  It’s not about making herself feel sexy and beautiful – it was to attract men, really shallow ones.  But low, turns out it was fashion and now young ladies are back to having hair sticking out of the sides of their pants again.  Who knew!

As an aside I think programs like Game of Thrones may have helped a bit here.  There has been so much nudity, male and female.  I remember watching an episode of the Borgias where the Priests were invited to an orgy with nuns who it turned out were prostitutes.  It was shot at the time when it was the height of fashion to have a hair free lulu so when the prostitutes had to take off all their clothes and pose for their full frontal nude shots they were all wearing mirkins (vaginal wigs).  The budget was clearly getting to the end when they came to buying them because the mirkins were awful.  I howled with laughter!  Female actors are now required to grow real pubes if they are to be really naked in a real role that earns them real money.

But back to heels.  Why am I writing about this on a literacy blog!  I have two daughters.  I want them to have a choice.  I loved wearing high heels on a night out.  I would strap em on and dance like crazy.  I prefer dancing in heels to flat shoes.  There are others out there who want to dance in flat shoes.  There are men out there who want to wear high heels.  Prince wore high heels!  If it’s not impeding your job then why the hell not?

The city of London is a horribly sexist place (sorry – but it’s true).  I wish her luck on her battle to get the freedom to wear flat shoes to work.  If she can still do her job, and she still looks smart, then the issue isn’t with her……….





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