Angry Birds – The Movie

We took the kids to the cinema today to see Angry Birds the movie.  This was our first trip as a family to the cinema.  The excitement was palpable.  I’ve been with the girls before and they behaved beautifully.  Daddy was super excited to see his little three year old girlie taking in the big screen with a look of wonder on her face.

Obviously that didn’t happen.  It was more like the times when I used to get baby Abbie out of the bath and hug her in the towel, enjoying the beauty of the moment, only to have her piss all over me.

The thing with Abs is I’ve brought her up to appreciate a good story.  She knows bad writing when she see’s it and the first 30 mins of this film really doesn’t need to be there.  They set up the fact that some of the birds are angry with this bizarre clown delivering a birthday cake scenario only for it to go wrong and him end up in anger management.  But we all know the birds are angry – the movie is called Angry Birds!  It’s a pet hate of mine when the writers include adult themes in shows for kids.  Why does a child care about anger management?

After 30 mins of trying every seat on the row she gave up and passed out in my lap.  I spent the rest of the film enjoying the cuddle!

It’s a shame because she fell asleep just as the plot started and actually, once it got going, it wasn’t too bad.  The premise of the film is that the birds live on an Island and have a mostly peaceful community.  The pigs arrive and at first are friends but it soon becomes apparent to our hero, Red, that they’re up to something.  He tries to tell the rest of the birds but they don’t believe him.  The Pigs then manage to steal the birds eggs.

This makes the birds angry.

The birds make a hilarious raft, travel to the pigs Island and then the game that we all know and love takes place.  Birds get fired through the air with a catapult – and it really works well with the plot.

There are lots of silly funny bits in it which Rachel (aged 6) thought were the best thing ever.  My special favourite was the pool of tranquility and the Eagle.  I won’t ruin it for you, but it did make me really giggle.

The writing was disappointing.  This film could and should have been so much better.  The characters are great and the plot was really strong once it got going.  That said kids over 5 will love it so it’s still worth a trip.

The King pig made a promise that he’d be back at the end of the movie.  Let’s hope that they get to the point a bit faster the second time round.




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