Sports day

On Tuesday I was driving Abbie, the three year old, home from nursery.

Me      “Did you have your sports day practise today?”

Abbie  “Yes.  I did runded”

Me         “Sounds fabulous.  What else did you do?”

Abbie   “Miss Mesa and Miss Mead held a ribbon”

Me         “And did you run through it?”

Abbie     “No.”

Me           “So what was the ribbon for then?”

Abbie      “The winners”


As we arrived at the actual sports day we weren’t expecting to come home with trophies!  It was a gorgeous day though.  The sun shone and the kids were really funny.  Watching three year olds trying to do an obstacle course is always hilarious.  Just getting them to run the right way down the track is a victory for the teaching faculty.

Needless to say Abbie didn’t come in first place.  She came a solid last in the race where she had to balance a ring on her head.  However she was the only child who point blank refused to cheat.  We all had to wait whilst she patiently balanced the ring on her head and walked slowly to the line, picking it up every time it fell off.  We all cheered her resilience!

Later I reminisced with both girls about my own sports days as a child in the glorious midlands.  I told them how we used to do PE in our pants and vest.  They fell about laughing.  The very thought of it!  It does seem a bit bonkers now, especially given that it meant we had to go to school in the summer wearing a vest.  One of my over-riding memories of primary school is feeling very hot!

Rachel came 2nd in the running race and 3rd in the football dribbling race.  Apparently my loud cheering put her off in the tennis ball balancing race.  Next year I shall cheer for the other kids!




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