My Affair with Gary Barlow

I dreamt a few nights ago that I was seeing Gary Barlow!  It was OK because my husband and I had split up.  The act of parting had happened before the dream (in dreamland) so it was OK for me to be seeing Gary Barlow.  I was thin again and wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt.  Gary was wearing an outfit made from his dead Grans curtains and we were at an Elton John concert.  He needed me to drive him onto the stage at the very end (in a Fiat 500, roof down) so that he could sing the last lines of a charity song.  I drove well.  As he sang I held his hand so he could climb up a bit higher on the car.  Then he got down on one knee (he appeared to be floating) and proposed with a vintage ring!  I said yes – somehow he’d managed to change into black trousers and a white T-shirt.  I probably would have said no had he asked whilst in the first outfit.  Then lot’s of pop stars came over to start congratulating the two of us.   Mariah Carey offered me love advice.  I smiled politely but couldn’t hear what she was saying for all the noise.  I felt happy again, as if a great sadness had come before but that time was over and now I could start a new chapter.

And then I woke up….because I was cold…..because my real life husband had stolen the quilt off me.

Did he know?

Have I been rumbled?

Does my husband know I cheated on him in the night with Gary Barlow?

I look over and he’s lying quite still.  I think.  I can barely see him for all the quilt he has on top of his head.  He looks asleep.  I think I’m safe.  He won’t be hunting down Gary Barlow anytime soon!  Time to get out the phone and find out what it means.

I look up cheating dreams.  Technically I wasn’t cheating in the dream but right now in real life I feel like I need to make sure there is nothing wrong with my marriage.  I go through the options.  The most likely scenario of the interpretations on cheating is that I’m looking to adopt some of Gary Barlow’s qualities into my own persona.

Rich, good looking, successful musician.  Yep – I can do that.  Those are qualities I could strive for.

Drives round singing on top of a Fiat 500?  I’m not sure it’s something I’ve ever wanted to do but maybe?  I have a friend with a Fiat 500.  We could give that a go!

I look up marriage.  Apparently my reaction to the proposal indicates my true feelings on marriage.  It doesn’t say whether that’s my true feelings on my actual marriage or my pretend one with Gary Barlow.  I curse the lack of clarity from the online dream dictionary.

I try pop star – I get singer!

To see a famous singer in your dream represents a divine influence. It indicates harmony and glorification of the human spirit. Consider also your general impression of this singer and how those specific qualities may be triggered by someone or some situation in your waking life.

When I’m telling the story of King Midas I include the music contest between Apollo and Pan.  To help the kids understand who Apollo is I tell them “Nowadays he walks on earth as Gary Barlow”.

I conclude that nothing is wrong with my marriage.  This dream is just like all my other dreams.  It’s about the last thing that I watched on tele and Take That were on Saturday night takeaway.  It could have been worse – I could have married Ant and Dec.  Had that been the case would hubby have nicked both the quilt and the pillow!

I put my phone down and wait for my moment.  A minute later my husband releases his death grip on the quilt and I pull!  I’m back, snuggled up under the quilt ready to slip back into world of dreams.  I wonder what type of car I’ll be driving Mark Owen around on?!


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