MAY 2017

It was a real pleasure to watch this show and to see its young cast really come of age. And my goodness they did. This 40 minute spectacle showed a real understanding of not only their art form but more importantly their audience. So many theatre groups performing to children of a tender age bombard them with words expecting them to understand them all, and yet children who often lack a sophisticated vocabulary have far more sophisticated non-verbal communication skills than we adults. Captcha really capitalised on that, communicating this simple story through different channels. It was impressive and captivated a very young audience for the entire duration.

The puppets were beautifully made and used on a simple yet effective set. Using their own voices the cast were able to create characters that could engage the audience. Infact the audience were so willing to engage that the cast had to be clever about keeping the story on track. Music and song were used throughout the show with some real laugh out loud moments including a cheerleader on the bridge!

This was a truly beautiful show, and in my opinion their best to date. They captured the story beautifully for this very young audience and made it accessible to them in a context that they could fully understand.

I would highly recommend this show for little ones.





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