Happy Birthday Story Storks


Dear Story Storks,

Happy Birthday lovely little business! Six years ago today I was sat in a church hall, crapping myself, knowing that paying customers were turning up for the first time and that I was definitely going to be sick from nerves. The first workshops, Rumplestiltskin, went by in a flash and those paying customers came back the following week. I had grown-ups hopping around the room like frogs and they still came back.

They seemed to like you. I decided to keep you!

Now, 6 years on, over 50% of the people who started a business on the same day as us have failed. We’re still going. I think the secret is that you are basically all of my hobbies poured into a ‘job’. The downside of course is that I now have no hobbies. Currently I’m trying Jigsaws as a hobby. I’m on my third jigsaw having thrown the first 2 in the bin. Who knew jigsaws could make you so bloody angry. In a 1000 piece jigsaw if half the picture is blue sky my advice is don’t buy that jigsaw – it will just upset you.

Yet here we are, surviving still, and I hope it stays that way. I hope we get to tell our stories to even more children and get even more kids ready to read (I must admit I was blown away when I discovered that’s what you did – I thought we were just having a laugh!!)

So happy birthday my lovely little company. May you keep on keeping on, stay as mad as a bag of spiders and keep putting smiles on the faces of everyone who comes into contact with you, especially me!

Lot’s of love



Some amazing facts about your birthday

Star Sign: Leo (so am I – that must be why we get on!)

If you lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo your birthday falls on ‘Parents Day’ which is a national holiday.

It’s also Yorkshire Day. If only I still lived in Leeds!!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Story Storks

  1. HaPpY HaPpY BIRTHDAY STORY STORKS!! May your stories continue to inspire children (& their parents) to Imagine, Engage & Aspire. Cheers! 🎉🍷🎂🎂🍷🎉

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