STORY STORKS is a social enterprise on a mission to inspire every early years child to become a reader for pleasure when the time is right for them.  Children who go on to read for pleasure are proven to perform better academically.

Our interactive story workshops are choc full of mad characters, music, dance, song and roleplay.  Kids get to count a giant’s gold, fight alongside knights and rescue princesses.

We don’t just sit and listen!

They’re also written to develop children’s language and literacy skills, giving them both the pre-reading tools and the inspiration they need to become readers for pleasure.

Most of the time this blog is about backing up the work that we’re doing in our workshops.  Sometimes this blog is about me venting!  More than anything this blog is about entertaining parents and giving them a little inspiration to add to their already magnificent parenting mix!

There are more details about what we do on our web page http://www.storystorks.co.uk


Sarah Cantrill – Artistic Director & Founder, Story Storks

PS We recently worked with the Heritage Lottery Fund and Kingston Museum to use our magical storytelling to teach local kids about King Athelstan, the first King of England.  That’s why his life story is on here.


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